Simple Method Of Trend, Level, And Signal To Get Financial Freedom

Fortunately, this does not apply to you. Because sharing with you today will take you thousands of dollars in losses and years of frustration. You will achieve the same realities anytime I am. You need a simple trading method to trade money on the financial market.

Why is the Bible the easiest way to use a candlestick?

The Bible on the candlestick is based on T.L.S. This method is one of the most important principles in the biblical approach to candlesticks. T.L.S. The methods indicate trends, levels and signals. This means that when you open the chart, there are three important elements.

Trends: Identify market trends and determine whether these are rising trends, falling trends or ranges.

Levels: Support and resistance, trend line, areas of supply and demand can be found at the basic level of the market can be …

Signals: Identify price signals, such as rods, internal rods or sliding rods …

When all three elements are aligned, you can get the perfect offer.

As you can see, no magic indicator is required to make cost-effective commercial decisions. You need to find three important elements.

The trend in the above chart is higher. This means that you want to buy on the market. Level is the support area, and the signal is the setting of the internal bar. In this way, trading once or twice a week is enough to earn a good monthly income.

Look at the table below to see how you can start and end this trade.

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