Shanghai Stock Exchange Etf Trading Volume Ranks First In Asia

ETF, which is an exchange-traded fund, has the characteristics of low-cost, efficient and transparent investment, and can meet the needs of market asset allocation and risk management.

The investment target of Chinese ETF products covering stocks, bonds, currencies, gold and foreign assets is an important tool for investors to diversify their asset allocation.

Zheng Fushi, vice chairman of the China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association, said at the summit that although the Chinese ETF started late, it has shown strong vitality and played an active role in many aspects. The first is to effectively serve the development of the real economy, promote economic transformation, and improve the efficiency of resource allocation in the basic market; the second is to provide large-scale asset allocation tools that help guide investors in long-term asset allocation; the third is to reduce the volatility of the basic market and build capital market connectivity bridge.